That Which Is Not

That Which is Not is Nicola Fornasari and Pier Giorgio Storti.
Nicola Fornasari is born in Cremona (Italy) in 1977. He was the bass player and singer of the hardcore band Entropia from 1995 to 2006, releasing stuff on various international compilation, a 7″ on Tenia Records (ITA), a full length CD on Six Weeks Records (USA) and playing more than a hundred gigs all around Italy and Europe.
He started working as Xu(e) in 2007, as Xu in 2010 and as La Petite Vague in 2012. He is also member of Twyxu and Zero Wait enSemble. He currently works as a graphic designer and teacher.
Pier Giorgio Storti is a multi instrumental and composer involved in several projects like Morose and Belaqua Shua.
Their musical collaboration begins after they published both for the label Triple Moon Rec.


Nicola Fornasari

Pier Giorgio Storti

That Which is Not

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