KrysaliSound (KSND) is a music gallery run by F. M. Gri, born in 2010 with the aim of exposing his musical projects under a single brand.

An artistic group open to all forms of audio-visual collaboration and to all forms of expression which may blend together with the electronic beats and acoustic density which have given life to this small musical chrysalis. Close to experimental, ambient, acoustic, electronic music and any kind of emotional resonances, is constantly evolving… and we are proud of that.

In 2016 opened definitely to artists are willing to follow this simple philosophy: out from the musical rules. No contracts, no deals, just love and passion for your music. Because music is art and it mustn’t be contaminated.

We live in a strange world, materialism has never been as significant as nowadays. Maintaining a little granule of simplicity in this planet full of artifacts is our purpose.

We like satellites, we love melancholic orbitals.

We like discretion, we love silence.

We like poetries, we love art.

Welcome to the chrysalis of sound…