Francis M. Gri


Born as project totally acoustic, only piano and guitars. “Home” is the first release, a mini album of 28 minutes of improvvisations and emotional notes. Maybe the most soundtrack release and project for KrysaliSound.

After “Home”,he continues the work undertaken in the project “Apart” with the aim to offer a broader view of his artistic sensibility proposing an exciting path through music and literature.
“Ghost Town Dreamers” is a tale of music punctuated by musical paragraphs and visual fragments. A journey between dreams and reality, pastel colours, grays. An escape from the static nature of a world increasingly uncomfortable and hostile to dreamers forced to hide and often forced to disappear…
An intimate experience where you will navigate through many emotions and feelings.


2011. Home (KrysaliSound)

2013. Ghost Dreamers Town (KrysaliSound)

2014. Piano Tapes (KrysaliSound)

2015. Dreamers Stories (KrysaliSound)

2015. Empty Town (KrysaliSound)