“Every project is like a book, different stories born to be music”

The direction of the label is to think small, producing only special music.

Limited editions CDr, digital release, promotion is what KrysaliSound can offer for your music. KS Packaging is the line of handamade CD we are proud to produce. Every cd will be realeased in the same style, no difference from an album to another. Music market has changed the values of what should be the music. Appearance is too important nowadays, that’s the reason why we created this collection of elegant handmade packaging made with passion for music, because the beauty has to be inside.


We are perfectly aware that KrysaliSound would be only a passage for you, and for this we will do everything possible to make sure that your project will find the best port. We are a flexible label, all of the KrysaliSound publications can be easily removed from our catalogue. We think is time that artists really becomes to be owner of his music.

Every sales will be equally divided with the artist. No costs for the artists as well, if we decided to produce you we think it is an honour for us because your music is special.

Honesty first of all.

Next your art.

In the end us.

If you want to be part of the catalogue contact us, we’ll be glad to listen to your music.