LYEF is the project created from the idea of the Revglow’s singer Lilium driven by the desire to experiment with voices and noises. A mix of whispered wordless vocables and melodies, looped vocals and sound object recordings, a deep and spiritual atmosphere interacting with the acoustic environment.

Each song is the balance of layers of treated sounds and improvisations, recorded in live sessions at KrysaliSound studio with Francis M. Gri who played piano and guitars.

Lilium born in Milan in 1978. She lived her childhood surrounded by music, thanks to the father, his music store and his passion for artists and gigs. She started singing very young and after years of vocal school began working and collaborate with several rock and trip-hop bands. Until the meeting with Francis M. Gri has given life to her new musical path with the project Revglow.



2016. Introspections (KrysaliSound)

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