James A. McDermid


Based in Bristol, England – James has been involved in making music since the early 2000s, but it is only in the last few years that a more serious and dedicated approach to his writing began, brought on by the death of his sister in 2016. This led to the 2017 album for Polar Seas Recordings – ‘Ghost Folk’ – which is a journey charting his grief through 25 musical vignettes.
Drawing inspiration from cinema, in particular the work of Béla Tarr, Éric Rohmer and Andrey Zvyagintsev; literature also plays a huge part in the colouring and shaping of his ideas, such as works by Herman Hesse, Alain Fournier, Sophie Calle and Guy de Maupassant.
2018 sees James expanding his output further with albums set for release on labels Cathedral TransmissionsWhitelabrecsSounds Against Humanity and Shimmering Moods.