Federico Mosconi


Full marks graduated both in guitar and in multimedia composition at the Music Conservatory in Verona. He played as a solo recitalist and also in orchestras and smaller ensembles. At present he principally composes music for the theatre and film and perform contemporary music (the orchestral works include Bruno Maderna’s “Don Perlinplin” and “Studi sul Processo di F. Kafka”, A. Schittke’s “Der Gelbe Klang” and Hans Werner Henze’s “Pollicino”). With the electroacoustic improvisation sextet “Cardew Ensemble”, he played at EMU Fest Rome, the GAS Festival in Göteborg, Festival Angelica and Maskfest Bologna, Verona Contemporanea and other important festivals. A song from the CD “PIUMA”, composed and played with the band E102, was included in the soundtrack of the Italian film “Blackout” presented at the Venice Film Festival 2012. He composed and performed the soundtrack of the theatre work “Rumore o Voce?”, recently broadcast on Italian Radio RAI.

The album “ACQUATINTA” has been published by Psychonavigation in June 2014. psychonavigation.com/
He composed the soundtrack of “Cieli Rossi, Bassano in Guerra”, a documentary about the first world war; you can find it here: federicomosconi.bandcamp.com/releases