F. M. Gri

Francis M. Gri / Apart

Francis Marco Gri is a multi-instrumental composer born in Switzerland in 1982 and based in Italy.

Co-founder of the Italian ethereal dark band All My Faith Lost he left the band after the recordings of the album “As you’re vanishing” in silence” published by Cold Meat Industry.

In 2004 he created his solo project Apart with the aim of combining electronic and acoustic sounds in a mix of dream-like images and emotions. In 2008, after two demo albums in search of his own personal sound, the Italian label Final Muzik published the album “Across The Empty Night”.

“Winter Fragments” was the next album released once again by the same label in 2009. A brave double CD with almost 120 minutes of music in which electronic beats, ambient sounds, guitar arpeggios, piano and violoncello melodies blend to create ever changing balances in the 18 pieces of which it is composed. The good collaboration with the singer Lilium in a few songs of “Winter Fragments” gave the chance to create with her the electro dream-pop duo called Revglow.

2010 is the year of major changes which sees the debut of Francis’ new album “Digital Frame” to inaugurate his own label KrysaliSound. After this album he continues the work undertaken in the project Apart using his name.

“Ghost Town Dreamers”, “Dreamers Stories”, “Empty Town” are three albums connected between them by a narration written by him published by KrysaliSound in 2012, 2013, 2014,

“Flow”, published in 2016,  is an important album that marks a big change of direction with sonority close to pure ambient and sound art, abandoning almost permanently drums and melodic structures. In 2017 he recorded with Giulio Aldinucci the album “Segmenti”, very well reviewed by magazines and webzines. In the same year “Fall and flares” continues the path started with “Flow”.

Slowflow Rec will release in 2018 the collaboration with Federico Mosconi “Between Ocean and Sky” and another English label Whitelabrec published the work “Apart”, a collection of sounds taken from his first demos and arranged in 2016.

Artist link: https://soundcloud.com/user-884126976


As Francis M. Gri or F. M. Gri:

– THE ROPES (Slowcraft Records, 2020)
– LITTLE DROPS (Shimmering Moods, 2020)
– ROOTS Ep (The Slow Music Movement, 2020)
– STANZE E DISTANZE Ep (Whitelabrecs, 2020)
– BOKE (Krysalisound, 2020)
– UKIYO (Krysalisound, 2019)
– B/UE (Krysalisound, 2019)
– DECAYS (Time Release Sound, 2018)
– APART (Whitelabrecs, 2018)
– FALL AND FLARES (Krysalisound, 2017)
– FLOW (Krysalisound, 2016)
– EMPTY TOWN (Krysalisound, 2015)
– PIANO TAPES Ep (Krysalisound, 2014)
– DREAMERS STORIES (Krysalisound, 2014)
– GHOST DREAMERS TOWN (Krysalisound, 2012)
– HOME Ep (Krysalisound, 2010)

As Apart:
– DIGITAL FRAME (Krysalisound, 2010)
– WINTER FRAGMENTS (Final Muzik, 2009)
– ACROSS THE EMPTY NIGHT (Final Muzik, 2008)

– REMOTE REDUX (with JAMES MURRAY, Ultimae, 2019)
– BETWEEN OCEAN AND SKY (with FEDERICO MOSCONI, Slowcraft Records, 2018)
– SEGMENTI (with GIULIO ALDINUCCI, Krysalisound, 2017)

Side Projects:
– INTROSPECTIONS (Krysalisound, 2016)
– THISORDER (Krysalisound, 2016)
– SOUND POST TENSION (Krysalisound, 2013)
– 9th CHRYSALIS (Krysalisound, 2011)
– LIQUID PEARLS (Artesuono, 2009)