KS32 | øjeRum – There Is A Flaw In My Iris (PRE-ORDER NOW)

The lucky collaboration with the amazing Danish artist continues and KrysaliSound is proud to end the reissue series with his very first release.
Some artists need time and a lot of work before finding a musical path, the perfect conjunction between soul and maturity is often hard to reach. I think ojeRum was born with this special feature and this was highly perceptible listening to his debut album. All of the music we know by him is just a natural consequence of this seed of art. “There is a Flaw in my Iris” will be available in vinyl format and in a new digital mastering.
releases May 12, 2019

– All Sounds & Art by øjeRum
– 2006/07 Tape Recordings
– Previously released on Rain Music (2007) and A Giant Fern (2014)
– Mastered by Francis M. Gri

“Maps of Reason” in Drifting, Almost Falling


Krysalisound was started by Sound Artist Francis M Gri in 2010 to release his own works. He opened it up to other artists in 2016 and has released works from the likes of øjeRum, Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, James A. McDermid and Drawing Virtual Gardens amongst others. It’s this last artist that is the link to Tropic […]

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“Maps of Reason” in Toneshift

The Brussels-based duo present their new LP on the KrysaliSound label, and it’s a perfect home for their fusion of guitar drones, field recordings and hushed vocals.  Since 2011 Tropic of Coldnesshave pursued a blissed-out take on harmonic ambience that folds ethereal elements into their compositions.  There are rarely any sharp edges on their output, only the smoothest of shapes inhabit their sculpted sounds.

Maps of Reason is minimal yet layered, each wash of sound added with the utmost of care so as not to overload the senses, but instead placate them.  The album begins with “The beauty and the meaning”, on which long-drawn guitar lines are aglow with reverb.  Each note takes its time to unfold, never rushed, and an exercise in restraint is evident as new sounds are slowly added.  Synths are bled into the track to subtle effect, but stripped away towards the end as single guitar notes are plucked, the spaces between them stretching further and further apart until the emptiness becomes silence.

This is followed by the title track, and from the get-go there is an extra layer of texture, as the sound of footsteps crunching through snow or leaves is heard under the drones.  The guitar playing is from the school of Windy & Carl, where melancholic chords are allowed to delay into a state of dissolve before new ones are strummed.  This glacial pace is rewarding for the listener, like taking deep breaths into a relaxing calm.  More field recordings merge with slightly more aggressive guitar playing as the track comes to an end, and this shakes things up a bit, just before we get too comfortable.

“The loss of empathy” continues along this vein, a little darker at times but never claustrophobic.  It creates a sense of stasis, music that goes nowhere too far, but just exists as is, and allows the listener to float on its buoyancy for the duration.

Final track “Diving for pearls” is well named, as it plunges deep into still waters.  Those single guitar notes make a return, casting brighter light on the surface.  Those waters become a little choppier as the track evolves, as motion stirs in the drones, but we’re never lost at sea.  As the album ends, it feels like we’ve been in a warm cocoon of sound, and this consistent, unified sound is the strength of this album.


“Maps of reason” in Ver Sacrum

Non conoscevo Tropic Of Coldness, un duo formato da David Gutmann – chitarrista americano attivo a Bruxelles con il suo progetto electro-experimental Drawing Virtual Gardens – e da Giovanni La Placa, membro dei Fuji Apple Worship. E proprio a Bruxelles, nel 2011, i 2 hanno deciso di unire la forze formando Tropic Of Coldness. Hanno alle spalle diversi concerti tenuti in città come Bruxelles, Londra, Parigi, Berlino e Vienna e hanno pubblicato 4 dischi per etichette di nicchia come Organic Industries, Shimmering Moods e Glacial Movements. Ora la Krysalisound rende disponibile il nuovo lavoro del duo intitolato Maps Of Reason. Dico subito che ci troviamo di fronte ad un disco che farà la gioia di quanti amano l’ambient classica di Brian Eno e Harold Budd. Questa non è vuota new age per supermercati ma musica profonda che vi condurrà in uno stato di quiete immergendovi in un’atmosfera siderale. E’ musica di gran classe e molto raffinata piena di buone vibrazioni e di pulsazioni cosmiche. Lo spazio circostante viene riempito dalle noti tenui ed eteree prodotte da David e Giovanni creando un effetto ipnotico e facendo risvegliare antiche memorie sepolte nel nostro inconscio. Durante l’ascolto la memoria è andata anche ad un altro grande artista proveniente proprio dal Belgio ovvero Dirk Serries aka Vidna Obmana. Mi riferisco, in particolare, alla sua prima produzione rappresnetata da dischi come la trilogia Passage In BeautyShadowing In Sorrow ed Ending Mirage. In ogni caso la Krysalisound si conferma, in questo momento, una delle etichette migliori del genere. Maps Of Reason. Disponibile in vinile e anche nella versione digitale. Al momento su Bandcamp è possibile ascoltare una traccia al seguente link: https://krysalisound.bandcamp.com/album/maps-of-reason.


“Maps of Reason” in ildiapasonblog

TROPIC OF COLDNESS “Maps of Reason” KRYSALISOUND RECORDS KS31, LP, 2019 di Alessandro Nobis Ecco un “disco”, un vinile da mettere accuratamente vicino a quelli pubblicati dall’inglese Obscure parecchi decenni or sono: si tratta infatti del primo ellepì pubblicato dall’etichetta Krysalisound di Francis M. Gri, la sua trentunesima pubblicazione dall’esordio di questa significativa label specializzata in […]

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“Maps of reason” in Merchants of Air

The biography mentions: “Guitars, synths, samples and field recordings processed by two expats lost in Brussels.” I guess there are worse places to get lost in. Brussels is a lively city with more musical entertainment than students skipping school to protest climate change.
‘Maps Of Reason’ is yet another sweet gem, released by Krysalisound (their first on vinyl). With four tracks, ranging between eight and eleven minutes, Tropic Of Coldness; the the duo of Gutman and La Placa, delivers an excellent and soothing ambient album, driving on minimal soundscapes, immersive loops and a calm, serene atmosphere.

I think it’s safe to say that ‘Maps Of Reason’ is a classic ambient album. Gentle layers of sound float in and out in perfect ambient tradition. I guess it’s no surprise when I mention acts like Eluvium and Stars Of The Lid or people like Harold Budd in this review. Opener ‘The Beauty And The Meaning’ is a genre highlight, a perfect piece of music for people who wonder what ambient music is all about, and also a possible fan favorite for ambient aficionados.

The rest of the album drives on similar elements: minimal, abstract and soothing. ‘The Loss Of Empathy’ brings me to people like Aidan Baker and Stratosphere, with their guitar based soundscapes which seem to go on forever. Still, tiny variations make this music interesting and captivating. Perhaps that is the main message in this beautiful album: create a nice sonic trip that invited the listener to be explored again and again. In that, Tropic Of Coldness definitely succeeded.


“Maps of reason” in Ondarock

Il duo italo-americano dei Tropic Of Coldness, formatosi nel 2011 a Bruxelles, giunge nel 2019 al suo sesto album, confermandosi come punto di riferimento tra i progetti di soundscape ambientali più dilatati e meditativi. “Maps Of Reason” si pone nel solco degli album precedenti come un ambient senza scossoni, bensì fluido e rassicurante con loop e note di chitarra che si susseguono senza ansie o inquietudini. 
Non c’è timore, nella musica dei Tropic Of Coldness, ma solo ricerca di pace ed equilibrio, di spazi infiniti, di ipnosi meditativa e sogno, mai di incubo. L’obiettivo è quello di creare una musica per l’anima, un’anima in armonioso equilibrio col tutto. I riverberi di chitarra, i loop, i synth e le sovrapposizioni sono alla base della creatività del duo, che coniuga acustica e elettronica in modo meno cupo di album come “Unrelated Casualities” (2013).
La chitarra finale della title track (11 minuti), le saturazioni ipereteree di “The Loss Of Empathy” alternate a venti simili a canti lontani, gli equilibri statici di “The Beauty And The Meaning”, con nuovo finale di chitarra, e il field record delle onde marine di “Diving For Pearls” (il brano meno rassicurante) sono i momenti migliori di un Lp che conferma le doti dei Tropic Of Couldness, fedeli e rispettosi dei canoni dell’ambient più etereo.