April reviews

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March reviews

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February reviews

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That Which Is Not “The basic sharpness of emotions” in Ondarock

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January reviews

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Drop Series 2020

In 2019 I started a different sound experience recording single tracks without the purpose to publish them into an album but just to add these songs on my Soundcloud page like when I had the Myspace profile. 
I called that tracks “Drops”, extemporaneous inspired by the Japanese art of Sumie and Haiku. In October the kind label Shimmering Moods published “Little Drops” a first collection of Drops mostly recorded in 2019. 
But in 2020 I continued this wonderful experience and i decided to publish every year the full collection. Most of them are recorded during my spare time in the weekend: experiments with the analogue imperfections of tapes, loops with acoustic instruments like guitar, sansula, tibetan bowls and of course my dear electric piano are the basic focus of these 2020 drops. The result is a cozy folder in which you can feel all the difficulties in this 2020, but with a little seed of hope for a better 2021. 
I hope Krysalisound could be for you a warm sound space where to refuge your souls. 
Thank you so much for the special support of this year…. 

Album Link: https://krysalisound.bandcamp.com/album/drop-series-2020

KS29 – øjeRum “The Forest Is Sleeping Within The Trees”

The Forest Is Sleeping Within The Trees, original released by Scissor Tail Editions in 2015, is the third work of the Danish Paw Grabowski reissued by KrysaliSound with a new mastering sound.
Divided in six parts, piano and pump organ walk together in a sort of spiritual research and in a deep combination of human desolation, devotion and fragility. With his wide catalogue øjeRum confirms to be an artist with a rare sensibility. The Forest Is Sleeping Within The Trees is a stunning release for fans of William Basinski and all the minimalist genre.

Available in digital format and in KS Digifile from November 16, 2018