Drop110922 – Cocoon

After some months of silence I’m pleased to present a new Drop called Cocoon.
For this track I played electric piano and lyre harp then processed with pedal effects like Red Panda Particle, Ocean Machine and Superego Plus.

I hope you will enjoy. Thanks for listening…

Drop030422 – Hollow

A new Drop called Hollow, made with electric piano processed through a Fostex X26 and electric guitar. All recorded in dawless mode.

Thanks for listening

Drop160122 & Drop050322

It’s a pleasure to share the first two experiments of the Drop Series 2022.

Sound equipment: Casio electric piano, OP1 and Fostex X26.
All recorded dawless mode.

Drop100721 – A cup of light

New “Drop” recorded and added in my FM Gri Soundcloud page.

Sound equipment: electric guitar, Boss RC-505, Super Ego+, Ocean Machine, OP1.
All recorded dawless on a Tascam Model 12 except for the mastering process.

Drop020621 – Together

A new “Drop” recorded dawless except for the mastering process.

Sound equipment: electric piano, classic guitar, OP1, Boss RC-505, ebow.
All recorded on a Tascam Model 12.

Drop080521 – Mended

Recorded dawless except for the mastering process.

Sound equipment: fostex x18, tape loop cassette, electric piano, op1.
All recorded on a Tascam Model 12.

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