“Thisorder” in Beach Sloth

“Silky smooth and stylish, REVGLOW’s “Thisorder” feels like a waking dream. With beautiful textures revealed throughout the album everything feels so lush. Elements of pop weave their way into the mix, as do elements of psychedelic, dub, classical, and even hints of industrial. Tying everything together are the ethereal vocals which seem to come from another world, rising above it all. By allowing for the strong melodies to shine through what is created is an astounding shimmering glimpse of pure joy.With a quiet start is the powerful work of “Bleeding”. From such small beats the song grows larger and ever more commanding. Airy and light is the shimmering minimalism of “Vacuum”. The name is apt as REVGLOW lets the spacious arrangement work to its benefit creating a tense mood that dominates the song. Once all layers come together a kind of elegance emerges from the sound. Large dollops of distortion and satisfying grooves come into view on the colossal at times chaotic arrangement of “Celebrate”. By far the highlight of the collection is the kaleidoscopic rush of color found on “Deep”. REVGLOW bring a little edge on the harsher realm of “Panic” where they allow tension to be an integral part of the proceedings. Echoing handclaps add to the disorienting work of “Weapon”. “Zero” closes the album off with a soothing sea of sound that ebbs and flows ever so slowly.

Unforgettable, REVGLOW’s “Thisorder” shows that their unique sense of song craft is without peer.”

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REVGLOW “Thisorder”

I am happy to present the fourth album of the REVGLOW project.”


Thisorder is the fourth album from the duo project Revglow. Eight experimental songs where the voice is an instrument, perfectly embedded in the dark pulsations of music. Micro lyrics moved by emotions to express the concept of mental disease: panic, compulsions and the daily struggle to survive.

Recorded, arranged and produced in 2014/2015

Mixed and mastered in 2016 at KrysaliSound Studio

Available in digital format from August, 27… free offer from July 27 to August 27!



“Introspections” in Rockerilla

“L’eterea presenza che dolcemente tesseva i sottili filamenti vocali nei Revglow torna a farsi sentire portando con sé nuove esigenze espressive tutte raccolte nell’uso di una voce che via via si sta trasformando in un vero strumento di ricerca. Lilium ritorna ed è impossibile scordarla a fianco di Francis M. Gri nel duo nato nel 2008 con quel Liquid Pearls che ancora lancia riverberi di bellezza ad ogni ascolto. Lilium ora si è trasformata in Lyef, si fa sempre accompagnare da Francis ma qualcosa di diverso, ancora più intenso, si nasconde tra le pieghe di un album che sceglie la religiosità dello studio e della ricerca, evitando la troppo facile via del fascino vocale fine a sé stesso. CERIMONIALI VOCALI.”

Mirco Salvadori


KrysaliSound is proud to introduce LYEF, project born by the idea of Lilium driven by the desire to experiment with voices and noises, interacting with acoustic instruments. LYEF is a mix of whispered wordless vocables and melodies, looped vocals and sound object recordings, a deep and spiritual atmosphere.

“Introspections” is the name of the first album, available in KS store from the 9th of June.

Each song is the balance of layers of treated sounds and improvisations, recorded in live sessions at KrysaliSound studio with Francis M. Gri who played with piano and guitars.


Besides the song “Iron Trees” has been included in the digital release of 4 tracks released by Oak Editions after the Soundtales contest, won by Saverio Rosi.

Below the song and the details of the digital release:

The jury composed by Alessio Ballerini, Gianmarco del Re, Matteo Meda, Sabrina Maggiori and Michela Acquili, selected the winning track among a group of other 4, which made it to the final cut too. Given the high artistic content, all these finalist tracks have been selected to be included in a digital release, which can be freely downloaded at Creative Commons.


The digital release tracks are:
“An Early Oxidation” by Saverio Rosi
“Joinery and Harmony” by Andrea Gianessi
“Iron Trees” by Lyef
“Malinconia” by Martin Hoogeboom

Jury’s reasons behind winner election
“An Early Oxidation” by Saverio Rosi is a fascinating and mysterious track. This gaunt and minimalist record demonstrates a remarkable ability to catch the essential, managing to create a destabilizing and unsettling atmosphere, acting on listener’s perceptions, and playing on frequencies in an evocative way. The track is composed by a barely sketched musical instrumentation, perfectly balancing and melting with the final composition, never overpowering it.

More info about the project: http://www.alessioballerini.com/soundtales/

‘The Sound Recordist’ in an artwork by Eric Cator.

Old Modern Radio

Sono passati ormai un po’ di mesi da quando KrysaliSound Radio ha acceso la luce verde. Mi piace l’idea che la nostra musica sia sempre in riproduzione nell’etere e che chiunque possa accedervi in maniera semplice e libera. In un mondo sempre più digitalizzato, frenetico, materialista, volevo raccogliere dal passato un elemento che purtroppo si sta dissolvendo nel caos musicale in cui siamo sommersi oggigiorno: la poesia della musica. Pensate ai tempi in cui esisteva solo la radio, quando la tv era ancora un’invenzione lontana, ed al potere che aveva quella scatola magica, capace di riunire famiglie ed amici regalando il sottofondo musicale alle loro vite. Allora immagino amici lontani che una sera come tante altre fumano l’ennesima sigaretta davanti una birra e mettendo in play la radio scherzano, parlano, discutono appassionatamente. E vedere che qualche sconosciuto dall’Italia, dall’Irlanda (forse chi ha raccolto uno dei Music Traveling?), dalla Colombia, dalla Germania, dall’India ci ascolta mi rende orgoglioso perché significa che apprezza quanto fatto. Un canale musicale che apre molte opportunità e che per prima cosa vorrei arricchire con tanti pezzi inediti per renderlo speciale. E chissà forse un giorno non ci saranno più album e dischi ma solamente brani e canzoni trasmessi nell’etere da ascoltare liberamente sorseggiando un buon caffè, magari leggendo un ebook, in quei ritagli di tempo dedicati a se stessi in cui, perché no, poter consigliare ad un amico la radio che si sta ascoltando inviandogli semplicemente un link. Perché in fondo, anche se cambiano gli strumenti, è questa la poesia della musica…