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Nāda Mushin “Mono No Aware” is now available in store in digital format and cd.

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KrysaliSound is pleased to introduce a new debut album taken from the wide Italian ambient scene. Paolo Iannantuoni (aka Nāda Mushin) composed a magnificent and emotional work recorded with guitar, electronics and filed recordings. 
The album is a soulful peregrination that constellate the emotional chrysalises of a two years existential journey, flanked by an experimental sound research aimed at the composition of sonic landscapes, which attempt to enclose and recall these states; the result of free and spontaneous improvisations from demanding pathos, then finely embroidered in ever changing sonic buds. 



“Embrace Storms” in Fluid Radio

Embrace Storms is a new solo work from James Murray. Consisting of two long-form sound collages, listeners will find Murrays’s music, like much of the planet, to be in a state of conflict, the middle of a prolonged storm. Opener ‘In Your Head’ contrasts and compliments the closing piece ‘In Your Heart’, as one cannot live without the other.

Embrace Storms is the first multi-format split release between London’s Slowcraft Records and Milan’s KrysaliSound, two independent labels from two different nations with one goal in mind: a dedication to pursuing original, minimal, and unclassifiable music through a gorgeous set of limited editions.

At first, Murray’s music resists the storm, refusing to accept its reality, only to later trust the process. Acceptance produces calm, but it’s hard to remain calm when normality snaps and everything is swept away.

When the mind refuses to confront, tones are left to chaotically spin, almost losing their balance with the rapid oscillations and rising dynamics. Apart from these elements, the music remains relatively calm. Even when something undesirable hits the fan, it seems that Murray can close his eyes, calm the section, and continue on. There’s no panic or a reflexive decision.

Embrace Storms doesn’t turn to look the other way. It embraces the fight, knowing that it’ll come out all the stronger, a development of character that can only be gained by going through the twister, and sometimesslogging through the sludge of surging floodwater. This storm has been growing for years, delivering a steady, soul-bruising rainfall instead of an instant downpour.

Of the two, ‘In Your Heart’ is the feeler and not the thinker. Introverted notes cycle back in on themselves until they are pulled into the heart of the music, carried into a tornado-like funnel that spins in the centre of the track. They are kept there, to be stored up and used as motivation and encouragement when things seem difficult. Gold is refined in the fire. It’s time to face the music and dance.

Link here: http://www.fluid-radio.co.uk/2019/11/james-murray-embrace-storms/

JAMES MURRAY Embrace Storms | Slowcraft+KrysaliSound release (PRE-ORDER NOW)

Embrace Storms” is the first multi-format split release between Slowcraft and KrysaliSound, two collaborative independent labels based in London and Milan dedicated to presenting beautiful limited editions of minimal, understated and unclassifiable musical works. 



PRE-ORDER VINYL | KS34 – James Murray “Embrace Storms”

JAMES MURRAY “Embrace Storms” is now available for pre-order!


Written and Produced by James Murray at Slowcraft Studio 
Mastered by Francis M. Gri in 2019 
Artwork by Francis M. Gri

Embrace Storms is the first multi-format split release between Slowcraft and KrysaliSound, two collaborative independent labels based in London and Milan dedicated to presenting beautiful limited editions of minimal, understated and unclassifiable musical works.

KSND season 2019/2020

Dear all,

the new KrysaliSound season is ready to start with a lot of new artists and amazing albums. Here below an anticipation of the next cover artwork….Stay in touch, preorder is coming! 🙂

Drop Series

The Drop Series is a collection of unreleased tracks that I will post, one by one, in my new soundcloud page.
I am curious to experiment this different approach so far from my usual process for making an album.
At the end of my last recording “Cycles” (scheduled for 2020)  I realized that it will be difficult to make something better than this album. I also felt an inner desire to change my perception about music.
Nowadays it is very easy to record an album, but are they always necessary? About this question I answered that it’s probably better to take a breath, reboot myself, experiment with music like a kid and then, only when it will be the right moment, I’ll be ready to record a new full-length. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these little drops of recordings made with love…

“There Is A Flow In My Iris” in Ondarock

I riconoscimenti degli ultimi anni dell’artista danese Paw Grabowski, in particolare il recente “Nattesne”, stanno portando alla riscoperta dei suoi primi lavori, tra cui spicca la meritoria ristampa (anche in vinile) del suo esordio del 2007 “There Is A Flaw In My Iris”. Lavoro giovanile ma già maturo e consapevole, pone il musicista danese al limite del cantautorato minimale, con voce sussurrata e arpeggi di chitarra tanto flebili da sfiorare l’inconsistenza, ma allo stesso tempo portatori di un linguaggio tanto potente da affascinare musicisti di diversa estrazione, provenienti da ogni parte del mondo (solo per citarne alcuni, la Siberia di Foresteppe, il Giappone di Asuna o di Ykymr, la Germania di Jan Grünfeld, gli Stati Uniti di Peter Broderick o di Daniel K. Böhm fino all’Italia di Safir Nòu).

Lunghi bordoni di chitarra fungono da ninna nanna, con una voce tra il parlato e il sussurro, dove gli unici elementi estranei sono appena accennate sovraincisioni ambientali al servizio di questa estetica malinconica. La musica di Ojerum è fin dai suoi esordi antistorica, lontanissima dai tempi dell’ascolto compulsivo o della corsa frettolosa verso il nulla della contemporaneità. Le parole diventano incomprensibili, simili al concetto di incomunicabilità odierna già descritto magnificamente da Matt Elliott in “Drinking Songs”. Quando invece sono comprensibili, si limitano a mero sillabare infantile (“Matka”), come a sottolineare l’inutilità di nuove parole nel mare delle opinioni fallaci, tutte egualmente lontane dalla verità, tipico della nostra società.

La strada di Grabowski è ancora una volta la ricerca di se stessi nel silenzio e nella quiete. Tra gli otto brani spiccano i sette minuti di “Pristine” o gli arpeggi ripetuti di “Mist” e “Tonerum”, punti di partenza per quella che diventerà negli anni la poetica fragile e coraggiosa del progetto Ojerum.