Drop Series

The Drop Series is a collection of unreleased tracks that I will post, one by one, in my new soundcloud page.
I am curious to experiment this different approach so far from my usual process for making an album.
At the end of my last recording “Cycles” (scheduled for 2020)  I realized that it will be difficult to make something better than this album. I also felt an inner desire to change my perception about music.
Nowadays it is very easy to record an album, but are they always necessary? About this question I answered that it’s probably better to take a breath, reboot myself, experiment with music like a kid and then, only when it will be the right moment, I’ll be ready to record a new full-length. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these little drops of recordings made with love…

KS31 – TROPIC OF COLDNESS Maps of reason


Every little step is a brick added to a house under construction. In 2010 I created Krysalisound to publish my own works, then in 2016 I opened the doors to other artists releasing short runs in eco-friendly editions and now, almost ten years after the opening, I am proud to present the first vinyl in a home that  is taking shape more and more each day. And I’m very happy to publish the first vinyl with what I consider, up until now, the masterpiece of Tropic of Coldness.
“Maps of reason” is the new album by the duo Gutman / La Placa, a mature work of rare sensitivity that manages to combine all the nuances of the soul as points of a map that every human being hides inside. A deep and layered album that struck me from the first moment and that continues to affect me with new details that emerge with each listening.
There are works that are born perfectly aligned with the creative flow, capable with their inspiring charge of really carrying the listener to far away places. I believe that “Maps of reason” has this inner strength and in a world so overflowing with soulless music it is truly an unexpected gift.

This is the opening track of the album, released 31st March 2019… Enjoy!

Francis M. Gri “Decays” NEW ALBUM

Dear all,
I’m really proud to announce my new album “Decays”, released by Time Release Sound and available in store from November 11. You will find the album in two different and amazing lines of handmade packaging. Below details and two songs…enjoy!

From TRS:
“Greetings friends! Once again the earth has circled the sun, and the fall season is upon us! As the days shorten, and the leaves fall, we are pleased to bring you this most appropriately seasonal release from Italian based musician, Francis M. Gri, entitled “Decays”. At times sounding like the soundtrack to a moody, somber Tarkovsky film, Gri has captured the din of the clatter and clang of life as it grows, and then rises in an uplifting anthemic glory to all that man has made. Darkly delicate…constantly decaying and yet reborn again…eternally…”


KrysaliSound is happy to introduce the last release of the season, available from April 28.

Segmenti is the first album born in 2016 by the artistic collaboration between Giulio Aldinucci and Francis M. Gri. 
A strong emotional work recorded in a difficult year that has definitely influenced the creative process of the five songs. Earthquakes, terrorist attacks, social fractures, walls, hatred, fear, are tragic events that have certainly shaped the sound of this album. An hypnotic and pulsating sound that combines two different styles naturally balanced in “Segmenti”.
Ambient textures and field recordings, piano and guitar are the instruments that the two musicians have used to give rise to an unrelenting flow of kaleidoscopic sound suggestions.
– Composed, and recorded in 2016 between Siena and Milan
– Mixed by Giulio Aldinucci
– Mastered by Francis M. Gri
– Available in digital format and in KS Packaging Limited Edition from April 28


KrysaliSound is proud to introduce LYEF, project born by the idea of Lilium driven by the desire to experiment with voices and noises, interacting with acoustic instruments. LYEF is a mix of whispered wordless vocables and melodies, looped vocals and sound object recordings, a deep and spiritual atmosphere.

“Introspections” is the name of the first album, available in KS store from the 9th of June.

Each song is the balance of layers of treated sounds and improvisations, recorded in live sessions at KrysaliSound studio with Francis M. Gri who played with piano and guitars.


Besides the song “Iron Trees” has been included in the digital release of 4 tracks released by Oak Editions after the Soundtales contest, won by Saverio Rosi.

Below the song and the details of the digital release:

The jury composed by Alessio Ballerini, Gianmarco del Re, Matteo Meda, Sabrina Maggiori and Michela Acquili, selected the winning track among a group of other 4, which made it to the final cut too. Given the high artistic content, all these finalist tracks have been selected to be included in a digital release, which can be freely downloaded at Creative Commons.


The digital release tracks are:
“An Early Oxidation” by Saverio Rosi
“Joinery and Harmony” by Andrea Gianessi
“Iron Trees” by Lyef
“Malinconia” by Martin Hoogeboom

Jury’s reasons behind winner election
“An Early Oxidation” by Saverio Rosi is a fascinating and mysterious track. This gaunt and minimalist record demonstrates a remarkable ability to catch the essential, managing to create a destabilizing and unsettling atmosphere, acting on listener’s perceptions, and playing on frequencies in an evocative way. The track is composed by a barely sketched musical instrumentation, perfectly balancing and melting with the final composition, never overpowering it.

More info about the project: http://www.alessioballerini.com/soundtales/

‘The Sound Recordist’ in an artwork by Eric Cator.

Music won’t save you – Recensione “Empty Town”

Prima recensione del nuovo album a cura di Raffaello Russo:

“Nel terzo capitolo della trilogia urbana di Francis M. Gri, i luoghi che nei precedenti “Ghost Dreamers Town” e “Dreamers Stories” era popolata da sogni e fantasmi si svuota di contenuto e significato esogeno, fino a presentarsi nella sua solitaria essenza. Non è una semplice metafora quella veicolata attraverso la sequenza dei titoli dei lavori pubblicati a proprio nome dall’artista di origine friulana, in un percorso estremamente personale e parallelo ai suoi altri progetti Apart e Revglow.

Le nove tracce di “Empty Town” costituiscono la chiusura di un itinerario narrativo e al tempo stesso un nuovo inizio, frutto di una parziale inversione di rotta rispetto al sognante paesaggismo ambientale del lavoro precedente. Il lavoro tiene fede alla scarna dimensione individuale propria appunto delle opere recanti la firma di Gri, offrendo nuovo spazio espressivo alle note acustiche, in particolare del pianoforte, che appunto guida la maggior parte dei brani di “Empty Town”. Intorno ai vuoti delle sospensioni tra le note e ai pieni delle fluide armonie pianistiche Gri costruisce mondi sonori di ovatta suggestione, risultanti da semplici interazioni con ulteriori filigrane acustiche o con ovattate stratificazioni ambientali ma anche nuovamente rifinito di morbide coltri sintetiche e granulose pulsazioni ritmiche.

Ancora una volta, anzi in maniera più accentuata che in passato, le composizioni di Gri si rivestono di un’aura cinematica sospesa, scandita da battiti elettronici così come da filigrane di ritrovato picking acustico, che alimentano immagini pienamente coerenti con la traccia concettuale di “Empty Town”, sviluppata non in maniera meramente descrittiva bensì traboccante delle sensazioni suscitate da un’osservazione empatica di città invisibili.

Eppure, il peculiare soundscaping che promana dal lavoro non evoca affatto scenari di desolazione, suscitando invece un coinvolgimento romantico, intessuto da fragili palpiti e soffici abbracci armonici acustico-ambientali.”

link: http://musicwontsaveyou.com/2015/11/19/francis-m-gri-empty-town/