KS33 – B/ue

For many years, June 8 is the World Ocean Day, a day dedicated to honoring, protecting and safeguarding the seas of our planet, which are now increasingly intoxicated by pollution and plastic. A celebration that should never reflect as it is now.
KrysaliSound has always been attentive to these issues trying to minimize the use of plastic and producing packaging made of recycled paper or FSC certified paper.
B/ue is a collective project dedicated to this day with the aim of sensitizing man to have more respect for a planet that despite our violence gives us every day everything we need to live. We have long since crossed the thin line that separated us from being civilized people, now overwhelmed by greed and selfishness. It would be enough to take a step back, to understand that we are not special and that there is a connection between us and nature … the Earth is our home and without it we would not exist.

The following collaborated on this project:

MUSIC Francis M. Gri

ARTWORK Andrea Scodellaro

VIDEO Alisa Javits

ALBUM LINK: Bandcamp


Environmental Music

Our planet is getting weaker and intoxicated by pollution, waste, plastic. We are very close to a point of no return, and the big cause is ours because we are unable to give up …
Krysalisound is always careful to these issues and want to make a small gesture that can help the environment by offering more digital releases in the future.
For a very long time time we produced short runs using mostly recycled paper and in the new season, which will start from autumn 2017, we want to reduce the copies for each edition and the releases on behalf of Francis M. Gri, Lyef, Revglow will be available exclusively in digital format (exceptions allowed). It’s important to understand how big is the environment issue and we must leave behind the selfishness. We are aware that this gesture will not change the world but we hope that it could be inspiring for someone. There is so much to learn everyday but each bad habit can be replaced by a new positive one.
We don’t want to lose the pleasure in preparing packaging, it’s a tradition we want to maintain for whom follow the label and want to touch the physical object, but they will be available in micro-run and small rarities (perhaps on demand?) for collectors only … in a society where we are led to think big we are not ashamed to embrace the motto “less is more” …

Il nostro pianeta è sempre più debole e intossicato da inquinamento, rifiuti, plastica. Siamo molto vicini a un punto di non ritorno, e la causa è nostra perché non siamo capaci di rinunciare…Krysalisound è sempre più attenta a queste tematiche e vuole fare un piccolo gesto che possa aiutare l’ambiente proponendo in futuro sempre più digital release. Da tempo realizziamo tirature limitate utilizzando per la maggior parte carta riciclata e nella nuova stagione, che partirà da autunno 2017, vuole diminuire le copie per ogni tiratura e le release a nome Francis M. Gri, Lyef, Revglow saranno esclusivamente disponibili in album digitali (eccezioni permettendo). E’ importante capire che mai come in questo momento bisogna lasciarsi alle spalle l’egoismo, siamo consapevoli che questo gesto non cambierà il mondo ma abbiamo la speranza che possa essere d’ispirazione.  C’è tanto da imparare nella vita quotidiana ma ogni abitudine cattiva può essere sostituita da una positiva. Non vogliamo perdere il piacere nel preparare i packaging, è una tradizione che vogliamo mantenere per chi segue l’etichetta e desidera avere ancora i l’oggetto fisico, ma saranno disponibili in micro tirature, piccole rarità (magari su richiesta?) per i collezionisti dell’etichetta… In un mondo in cui siamo indotti a pensare sempre in grande noi non ci vergogniamo ad abbracciare il motto “less is more”…