KS64 Available Now

blochemy “blurr.” is now available in store in digital format and pre-order cd.

Listen and buy here

“blurr.” is the new album of the Czech Republic based artist blochemy, a work that perfectly represents the wintery mood of the label. 
“blurr.” is an example of foggy minimalism and ambiental images, an inner journey between melancholia and delicate hope. 
Recorded in Ostrava in 2022, blochemy merges the beauty from digital and analogue sounds producing exceptional weaving of textures and lulling melodies. 
I hope you will dive into these sonorities like I do each time I feel the need to be embraced by sweetness. It’s a pleasure to have for the first time in the catalogue this talented artist who published in the past with labels such SunSeaSky productions, Whitelabrecs, Shimmering Moods Records and Hibernate recordings.