Apart is Francis M. Gri’s solo-project, created in 2004, after having left All My Faith Lost…The project was born with the aim of combining electronic and acoustic sounds in a mix of dream-like images and emotions. In 2006, after two demo albums in search of his own personal sound, “Across The Empty Night” his debut album was released, of which 500 copied were published by the Italian label Final Muzik in 2008.

“Winter Fragments” was the next album released once again by Final Muzik in 2009. This is a double CD with almost 120 minutes of music in which electronic beats, ambient sounds, guitar arpeggios, piano and violoncello melodies blend to create ever changing balances in the 18 pieces of which it is composed. More and more space is left to the instrumental parts and less to the sung parts, a distinctive feature of “Across The Empty Night”.

2010 is the year of major changes which sees the debut of Francis’ new album “Digital Frame” to inaugurate his new label KrysaliSound.


2008. Across The Empty Night (Final Muzik)

2009. Winter Fragments (Final Muzik)

2010. Digital Frame (KrysaliSound)