Drawing Virtual Gardens

Drawing Virtual Gardens

DRAWING VIRTUAL GARDENS is the nickname with which David Gutman releases his solo works focused on ambient drone music with a particular focus in sub-textured trance patterns.

The main sonic material is generated by on time processed electric guitar, enriched time to time with field recordings and analogue synths layers.

After an initial phase dedicated exclusively to sound installations all live performances, in the recent years he started releasing   on various labels such as the US art label Time Released Sound, the Australian Flaming Pines and most recently Shimmering Moods Records. On parallel David Gutman shares 50% of the project Tropic of Coldness, combo that scopes more dark ambient/electroacoustic sounds still mainly generated by live processed guitars, synths and field recordings.

Works have been published on Cathedral Transmission and Organic Industries and a new release is announced on Glacial Movements at beginning of 2017.