Two different crossing places has been found for DBLN01 and DBLN02. The first one left in a relaxing bench in St. Stephens Green and the second one delivered to Neil Armstrong Jude an amazing photographer who exhibits and sells his works in George’s St. Arcade.



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Le dieci canzoni del nuovo revglow album “Sound Post Tension” sono state aggiunte alla playlist di KrysaliSound Radio, chi fosse curioso può avere una piccola anticipazione prima dell’uscita ufficiale il 9 settembre. Abbiamo inoltre preparato due KS Packaging del nuovo album per inaugurare Music Traveling, un modo diverso per promuovere musica, ispirato dal movimento Book Crossing ed adattato al nostro piccolo mondo musicale…Un saluto a tutti, buone vacanze e meritato relax…a presto!

The ten songs on the new album revglow “Sound Post Tension” have been added to the playlist of Radio KrysaliSound, so those curious can have a small preview before the official release on September 9. We also prepared two KS Packaging of the new album to inaugurate Music Traveling, a different way to promote music, inspired by the movement Book Crossing and adapted to our little musical world … Greetings to all, happy holidays and well-deserved rest … see you soon!

KrysaliSound Radio

I’m very happy to introduce KrysaliSound Radio, a long playlist of all I have recorded till now. A simple idea to give everyone the possibility to listen to all my songs released (and also some unreleased tracks) easily with your personal computer or mobile just selecting one of the links on the Radio Page. If you have a smartphone mobile you can find KrysaliSound Radio running the free App TuneIn Radio. That’s just the beginning, i hope in the future to improve the radio with more interesting news! Step by step we will see…

Sono felice di presentare KrysaliSound Radio, una playlist di tutta la musica che ho registrato finora. Una semplice idea per dare la possibilità di ascoltare facilmente tutte le mie canzoni (edite e inedite) in modo facile sul vostro computer o smartphone cliccando uno dei link nella Pagina Radio. E se hai uno smartphone puoi trovare KrysaliSound Radio nella App gratuita TuneIn Radio. E’ solo l’inizio, ma spero in futuro di poter migliorare la radio con interessanti novità! Passo dopo passo vedremo…

Sound Post Tension

The new revglow album is now complete and this will be the title tracks of the songs included:

  1. Scars
  2. Strangers
  3. Phantom theatre
  4. 27
  5. This is the day
  6. Seagulls choir
  7. Petals
  8. Peaceful
  9. Self-portrait
  10. Butterfly

Recorded and mastered at KS Home Studio during the years 2012 and 2013, we are proud to introduce these new ten songs, distant from “9th Chrysalis” sound, they reflect the simple evolution of our music language and life experiences. We decided to wait after summer holidays for releasing the album and to focus our efforts in an accurate promotion. The first video for the new release will be the song “Strangers”, so stay tuned!

Available in Store from 9th Septembe in KS Packaging and digital format.