Our Own Unknown in EtherREAL

Attentif aux divers nouveaux entrants sur la scène ambient et minimaliste, Krysalisound a repéré Austin Rockman, à la faveur d’un premier album, publié en cassette en 50 exemplaires sur un label bulgare en 2019 (sic !). Deux ans après, le New-Yorkais livrait un nouveau long-format en numérique uniquement, proposé à présent par le label italien dans un CD assez classieux (aspect vinyle du disque métallique, digisleeve avec vernis sélectif sur une pochette en noir et blanc) qui, en vérité, sied assez bien à la musique livrée sur cet effort. De fait, avec sa guitare acoustique traitée et ses nappes et textures tremblotantes, l’Étatsunien offre une proposition en clair-obscur, touchante et sincère, marquée par un vrai travail sur sa six-cordes.

Sous cet aspect, une piste comme Phantom Vale impressionne par sa capacité à jouer à la fois sur les harmoniques de son instrument, sa réverbération et de légers effets apposés dessus ; plus loin, ce sont des tapotements qui viennent dialoguer avec des notes perlées et ouatées à la fois (Kissed By Her Witness), tandis que le morceau-titre ira davantage chercher du côté d’une saturation contenue, entre mini-mur sonique et traits lacérant l’espace. À d’autres endroits, ce sont des tonalités plus chaleureuses qui sont sollicitées, à la faveur de traitements conjugués à des bruissements oniriques d’arrière-plan (Halcyon Blush), ou bien des regards plus lumineux quand les lignes de guitare sont superposées (Love Like A Second Chance).

Discrètes et émouvantes, les compositions d’Austin Rockman gagneraient potentiellement à être parfois davantage étendues dans la durée, quatre minutes trente étant certainement trop courtes pour explorer toute la palette de chaque morceau et pleinement en goûter la richesse. Pour autant, avec une petite cinquantaine de minutes au total, l’auditeur a de quoi se satisfaire et réaliser une bien belle découverte.

Link: http://www.etherreal.com/spip.php?article6514

KS59 Available Now

Tropic of Coldness “Deriva” is now available in store in digital format and cd.

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After the successful experience of “Maps of reason” published in 2019, the Brussels-based duo Tropic of Coldness is back on Krysalisound with their eight record “Deriva”. 

“Deriva” fits as the soundtrack of docking on a safe harbour after being exposed to the currents of irrationality and emotional restlessness. 

This record is released exactly 10 years after Tropic of Coldness’ debut in spring 2012 and leverages on the experiences made during this long journey. It finds its ground on the strive to constantly enrich and expand the duo’s inspirational interactivity. 

Tropic of Coldness is above all an alchemy resulting from the friendship and constant dialogue between David Gutman and Giovanni La Placa, being the logbook of their conversations and reflections about society transformations and dynamics



Drop030422 – Hollow

A new Drop called Hollow, made with electric piano processed through a Fostex X26 and electric guitar. All recorded in dawless mode.

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KS58 Available Now

Austin Rockman “Our Own Unknown” is now available in store in digital format and cd limited edition of 25 copies.

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“Our Own Unknown” is the sophomore release of experiential composer Austin Rockman and serves as a follow-up to his 2019 debut “Plum God”  
Aside from aimless descriptions, as definitions often present limitations, “Our Own Unknown” is a statement of the artist in a modern era, grasping towards a personal silence and deep attention to not only the world of dreams, but the world around, of which there is no division, the one which we did not ask to belong to, but find ourselves inextricably linked to all events and purposes, all pasts and futures, across time.  
Stepping aside from the largely synthetic and sampled based material present in his first release, Austin finds his foundation nearer to his roots as a multi-instrumentalist. “Our Own Unknown” utilizes the acoustic guitar for virtually all sound sources, each layer coming from a playful engagement with not only the harmonic and melodic aspects of the instrument, but the physicality itself. “Our Own Unknown” embraces the faculty of not knowing, as the album was composed through an improvisational conversation with the instrument and a small set of indeterminate software. As a result, the compositional process becomes more akin to freeform sculpting, responding to sounds and ideas as they arise, a largely visceral reaction with the medium.



Drop160122 & Drop050322

It’s a pleasure to share the first two experiments of the Drop Series 2022.

Sound equipment: Casio electric piano, OP1 and Fostex X26.
All recorded dawless mode.

KS57 Available Now

Wil Bolton & Francis Gri “Imaginary Tales” is now available in store in digital format and the cd for pre-order.

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Imaginary Tales is the first collaboration between Wil Bolton and Francis Gri. Recorded last year between London and Milan, this album signals a wonderful start to 2022 for Krysalisound. 

These six tracks are the perfect sum of the individual sounds of Wil and Francis and their natural propensity to delicate and intimate sonorities. They are rendered with a broad sonic palette that includes modular synth, acoustic and electric guitars, sansula, electric piano, mellotron, found sounds and field recordings. 

Imaginary Tales is an exploration of dreaming landscapes and lonely moments. Each song could be a story, a story without words. Each title is just the beginning of where your imagination may take you if you just close your eyes.



KS55 Available Now

Francis Gri “Lieve” is now available in store in digital format and cd.

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Lieve is definitely an autumnal album, with its delicate colours and fainted shades. in a way connected with “Fall and Flares”.  
In this work i tried to put in all my ideas without thinking of any concept, but just playing. The result is a collection of ten sketches that well represent my state of mind in this world so fragile and frightened. Lieve is the Italian word for saying “gentle”, a word that we are slowly forgetting, in the name of selfishness, especially in my country, 
Each track has been conceived like an abstract painting with layers of sounds most of them acoustic with notes of guitar, ukulele, sansula, kalimba, melodica, singing bowls but also noises captured through contact microphones, field recordings, tape loop cassette distortions.. And of course I can’t make an album without my inseparable electric piano and electric guitar. 
For this album there are three different masterings, one for the digital platform, one for the cd and one the cassette. A limited edition of handmade cassettes will be kindly prepared by the new-born label Fallow Recording and will be available next year. 
Beauty is a balance of energy between light and dark, like electricity that our body can feel through our senses. Making music is my way in seeking this beauty, something special and unique that allows me to connect, I hope, with listeners. Thanks to anyone who would like to listen to Lieve.