Updates about KrysaliSound sounds projects…

I’m pleased to close the year with an artist that I personally contacted for publishing with KrysaliSound after having listened to his album “Wet Petals” released by Naviar Records.
Hirotaka Shirotsubaki is a Kobe-based musician that uses sampled guitars to create dreamy landscapes and emotional textures moving the listener in a quiet and safe inner dwelling. I am proud to present his new album “Last Goodbye” available in KrysaliSound’s catalogue starting from December 9. About the album Hirotaka says:

“In Japan, the era called “Heisei” will end this year. My life was with this “Heisei” era. In order to live a new era with one break at the end of this era while I am alive, I have decided the title of this album to be “last goodbye” with a determination of parting. The 6 tracks that make up this album have my memory fragments scattered around.”

  • Performed and recorded in Kobe between April and October 2018
  • Mastering by Francis M. Gri in 2018
  • Available in digital format and in KS Digifile from December 9, 2018

Dear all,
I’m really proud to announce my new album “Decays”, released by Time Release Sound and available in store from November 11. You will find the album in two different and amazing lines of handmade packaging. Below details and two songs…enjoy!

From TRS:
“Greetings friends! Once again the earth has circled the sun, and the fall season is upon us! As the days shorten, and the leaves fall, we are pleased to bring you this most appropriately seasonal release from Italian based musician, Francis M. Gri, entitled “Decays”. At times sounding like the soundtrack to a moody, somber Tarkovsky film, Gri has captured the din of the clatter and clang of life as it grows, and then rises in an uplifting anthemic glory to all that man has made. Darkly delicate…constantly decaying and yet reborn again…eternally…”

MCVX “Voyagers” is now available in digital store.


Link to the album

Voyagers is the debut album for the Italian guitarist Carlo Monti and his project MCVX. The work is strongly inspired by the Voyager Golden Records, two phonograph records which contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. Included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977 it is considered as a sort of a time capsule for extraterrestrial life form and for future humans who may find them.
The genesis of the album comes precisely from the samples included in these records, processed then by the artist and enhanced with different recording techniques like generative music patches and traditional composition. The result is a great ambient work that KrysaliSound is so proud to release.


DR “Field recording meets sound” is now available in store in digital format and handmade packaging.


Listen and buy here

DR is the project of the German sound artist Dominic Razlaff.
The idea of his third official album was to create sounds which supports the field recordings, which he recorded in 2017 in his town (Braunschweig, Germany).
Usually he works in the other way, using field recordings to complement the sound, so this different approach makes this new release different to his other works. To create the sounds/textures he simple used Novation’s Xio Synthesizer and a ukulele with granular synthesis. The result is an emotional album of 15 tracks, a special soundtrack for the winter arriving. Krysalisound is proud to release for the first time DR in the label.