Revglow is a duo-project created in 2008 with the interaction of Francis M. Gri and Lilium, a singer from Milan. Different types of background music mix to generate experimental sounds with a strong emotional impact thanks to Lilium’s voice which is able to create a perfect balance with Francis’ melodies.

The debut called “Liquid Pearls”, was released in 2009 for Stefano Amerio’s label Artesuono and distributed in digital form. An album which has the scent of the North. Original and crystal pure. Recommended to those who love groups like Sigur Ros, Bjork, Massive Attack, Lamb, Moby and the 4AD.

“9th Chrysalis” is the title of the album released in 2011, published by KrysaliSound. After a break of two years in search of different sounds in 2013 born the third album “Sound Post Tension.

The last album released of the duo is “Thisorder” released in 2016.

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