Sound Catalogue

Our philosophy is to think small.

We don’t want to be considered a label but a bridge between the self release productions and the real labels. We simply love to publish beautiful music and connect it to the fans of the genre.

Digital release, very small run of CDr, promotion is what we can offer for your music.

Very important is that we always look to the protection of the environment buying from suppliers using recycled paper or paper with recycled fiber in line to FSC certification (

After the lockdown in 2020 we decided to concentrate mostly on digital releases and to publish less physical copies (4 per years).

We are perfectly aware that KrysaliSound is only a passage for you, and for this reason we will do everything possible to make sure that your project will find the best visibility.

We are 100% flexible, all publications can be easily removed from our catalogue. We think it is time that artists really becomes to be owner of his music.
No costs for the artists as well, if we decided to produce you we think it is an honour for us because your music is special.

Honesty first of all.

Next your art.

In the end us.

If you want to be part of the catalogue contact us, we’ll be glad to listen to your music.