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Francis Gri “Argine” is now available in store in digital format and pre-order cd.

Listen and buy here

Argine is the result of opposite feelings led by the desire for change. 2022 has been a dense year and the sound of this work could not fail to reflect this adjective. 
I’m pleased to introduce the album using the words included in the cd sleeve. Thanks for listening… 

“On my tiptoes I loosened the screws of parched gears, leaving it to fate to bring down my fake ivory skeleton with a gust of wind. 
My name has been written among the creeks of the time – every name should be like this – but no one has ever reminded me of it. The nuances are imperceptible letters that curve the gaze, small gems given away in the Pisces era. 
Last night I saw tomorrow in a succession of twelve blades, like a pond that suddenly turns into an ocean of tears. It is that smell that penetrates the senses just before the rain arrives, the muddy scent of burnt silk. 
I play arpeggios of inconsistent notes with the unfinished idea of an abstract smile, colored sketches that are linked to my abandoned dreams, thrown into the basement of memory. Timidly I open that door and I sit on the antique armchair in the center of the room. Beyond the walls there is only the mute din of nothing calling me, but I do not answer and with bare feet I wait for the water to rise, touching my skin. 
What is a metamorphosis if not the suffering of a new life? I vomit golden placenta and beg my shadow not to go away. I shake her hand that slowly indulges at the crossroads and, at dawn, a hill of snow-covered cedars turns into my new dwelling. 
Today it is the precious metal that I fold without hurting myself, shiny and unscratchable. Tomorrow I will see my bloody shadow again and among crystal fragments I will dance with him again as a gift that I will repeat until my peaceful farewell.”
Francis Gri 



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