KS59 Available Now

Tropic of Coldness “Deriva” is now available in store in digital format and cd.

Listen and buy here

After the successful experience of “Maps of reason” published in 2019, the Brussels-based duo Tropic of Coldness is back on Krysalisound with their eight record “Deriva”. 

“Deriva” fits as the soundtrack of docking on a safe harbour after being exposed to the currents of irrationality and emotional restlessness. 

This record is released exactly 10 years after Tropic of Coldness’ debut in spring 2012 and leverages on the experiences made during this long journey. It finds its ground on the strive to constantly enrich and expand the duo’s inspirational interactivity. 

Tropic of Coldness is above all an alchemy resulting from the friendship and constant dialogue between David Gutman and Giovanni La Placa, being the logbook of their conversations and reflections about society transformations and dynamics



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