KS58 Available Now

Austin Rockman “Our Own Unknown” is now available in store in digital format and cd limited edition of 25 copies.

Listen and buy here

“Our Own Unknown” is the sophomore release of experiential composer Austin Rockman and serves as a follow-up to his 2019 debut “Plum God”  
Aside from aimless descriptions, as definitions often present limitations, “Our Own Unknown” is a statement of the artist in a modern era, grasping towards a personal silence and deep attention to not only the world of dreams, but the world around, of which there is no division, the one which we did not ask to belong to, but find ourselves inextricably linked to all events and purposes, all pasts and futures, across time.  
Stepping aside from the largely synthetic and sampled based material present in his first release, Austin finds his foundation nearer to his roots as a multi-instrumentalist. “Our Own Unknown” utilizes the acoustic guitar for virtually all sound sources, each layer coming from a playful engagement with not only the harmonic and melodic aspects of the instrument, but the physicality itself. “Our Own Unknown” embraces the faculty of not knowing, as the album was composed through an improvisational conversation with the instrument and a small set of indeterminate software. As a result, the compositional process becomes more akin to freeform sculpting, responding to sounds and ideas as they arise, a largely visceral reaction with the medium.



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