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Francis Gri “Lieve” is now available in store in digital format and cd.

Listen and buy here

Lieve is definitely an autumnal album, with its delicate colours and fainted shades. in a way connected with “Fall and Flares”.  
In this work i tried to put in all my ideas without thinking of any concept, but just playing. The result is a collection of ten sketches that well represent my state of mind in this world so fragile and frightened. Lieve is the Italian word for saying “gentle”, a word that we are slowly forgetting, in the name of selfishness, especially in my country, 
Each track has been conceived like an abstract painting with layers of sounds most of them acoustic with notes of guitar, ukulele, sansula, kalimba, melodica, singing bowls but also noises captured through contact microphones, field recordings, tape loop cassette distortions.. And of course I can’t make an album without my inseparable electric piano and electric guitar. 
For this album there are three different masterings, one for the digital platform, one for the cd and one the cassette. A limited edition of handmade cassettes will be kindly prepared by the new-born label Fallow Recording and will be available next year. 
Beauty is a balance of energy between light and dark, like electricity that our body can feel through our senses. Making music is my way in seeking this beauty, something special and unique that allows me to connect, I hope, with listeners. Thanks to anyone who would like to listen to Lieve. 



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