KS54 Available Now

Cartridge Grain “Sattwa” is now available in store in digital format.

Listen and buy here

“Sattwa” is a selection of improvisations. 
Our approach contemplates two polarities: analog and digital. 
The analog section consists in the amplification, using the pins of two turntables, of different materials, in particular plastic, paper, aluminium, wood. The sounds produced, full of noise, they are exploited for the creation of essential rhythms. also includes two analog synthesizers. 
The digital section contemplates the use of concrete samples elaborated through algorithms of granular synthesis. 
Two material universes, therefore, two different sound spaces that use the same concrete elements and that face paths that seem antithetical and irreconcilable. 
It is therefore not a question of two universes in conflict with each other that seek to emerge but of a single living landscape, changeable and magmatic. 



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