KS52 Available Now

Marco Giambrone “The limit of the sky” is now available in store in digital format.

Listen and buy here

It’s a pleasure to continue the series of publications with the EP of the Italian musician Marco Giambrone. The first time I listened to ‘The limit of the sky’ his music immediately reminded me of the amazing sountracks of some of Inarritu’s movies. It’s an honour to present in the catalogue such a beautiful and intense work. 
About the album Marco says: 
“this work was born to collect some improvisations recorded over the last five years. In the moments of pause from my Silent Carnival project, I used to abandon myself into improvisations based almost exclusively on the use of the guitar. The sonic flow, free from song form, often took me to unexpected places, where I tried to combine the raw sound of distortions with the long, circular resonances of reverbs. 
If I had to describe this record, I would bring the image of me playing behind a window and I try to translate everything I see and the sensations I feel into sound.” 



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