KS51 Available Now

Wil Bolton “Sumida Colours” is now available in store in digital format and cd.

Listen and buy here

It’s an honour to present for the first time in the catalogue an artist I admire, Wil Bolton. I never thought that over the years I would introduce so many valuable musicians and this gives me deep gratitude for what is my greatest passion, music. 
Sumida Colors is the new work of the profiled London based artist, a nomadic soul that perfectly represents the range of sound colors that I intend to propose in the future. 
About the album Wil says: “Sumida Colours is centred around environmental recordings, a toy glockenspiel, bells and furin (wind chimes), all collected during a stay in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, the birthplace of Hokusai. 
The title track began by assigning six colours from the palette of Hokusai’s woodblock print ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ to six notes of a musical scale. I then walked the streets of Sumida, taking a photograph each time I saw one of these colours in the details and textures of everyday scenery, and created a musical score from the order in which these colours appeared. “
I sincerely thank Wil for this beautiful gift and all those who will appreciate a work of refined beauty.



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