“Maps of reason” in Side-Line

Background/Info: Tropic Of Coldness is an Italian -American duo who met in Brussels. They already released a few albums and are now back on track –one year after the “Framed Waves”-album released on Glacial Movement.

Content: The sound universe of the duo hasn’t really changed. Cinematographic passages constructed by electronics, field recordings and guitar play create a sonic universe filled with prosperity. Both last cuts are somewhat darker, but still reflect a peaceful sensation.

+ + + : “Maps Of Reason” is exactly what you might from ambient music: a relaxing effect that take you away for a moment of total evasion. The tracks have something warm and comfortable although there’s a part of mystery hanging over the work. The field recordings are essential to this opus. They feel like little sonic details, which are accentuating this mysterious and sometimes darker touch. Last, but not least, I also like the artwork of this album, which is made of cardboard.

– – – : I don’t see a real evolution with the previous album. There’s nothing new, but if you like this project you won’t complain.

Conclusion: “Maps Of Reason” feels like touched by the magic of Hypnos… a world of sweet dreams!

Best songs: “The Loss Of Empathy”, “Diving For Pearls”.

Rate: (7).


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