“The forest is sleeping…” in Chain D.L.K.

The choice by Italian label KrysaliSound of reissuing the third release of the Danish producer Paw Grabowski’s project øjeRum in a moment, when this moniker is spreading over the catalogs of many interesting electronic, ambient and neo-folk labels besides a plenty of self-released albums, is wise both for the intent to give the chance to all those who are discovering Paw’s sound by more recent outputs and for its intrinsic beauty. Originally released by Tulsa-based label Scissor Tail Recordings on cassette (this is the second re-release of a Scissor Tail output by KrysaliSound), “The Forest Is Sleeping Within The Trees” belongs to that stylistic branch of ambient, known as minimal, as each track is composed by a set of a very limited number of musical voices (a piano and a pump organ only), that got often effected in order to enhance its dynamics, divided in six parts for almost 26 minutes of total length. Each part seems to explore different moods in a sort of emotional metempsychosis of the above mentioned voices: for instance the piano in Part 1 traces a sort of bi tonal lull, a melodic trunk whose bark releases floating echoes and ethereal evanescence, while it turns into an ailing element on the following Part 2 and emerges as a quivering voice as syllables of an interrupted thought in the slow organ-drive wave in Part 3. The diving into a pool of melancholy is complete in Part 4 (where piano — the voice we focused on till now — rarefy more and more) and after the emotional transition in the two lovely minutes of Part 5, the touches on piano sound like the pace of a bliss, where deep echoes of the poignant process to reach it is still listenable. For the likes of William Basinski’s style.

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