“Maps of reason” in Freq

The latest release from Tropic Of Coldness is their first for KrysaliSound and builds on the slow motion soundscapes of 2018’s Framed Waves. Spread over four gently undulating pieces, Maps Of Reason unfolds at a pace that is beyond leisurely, and serves to lull the listener with its subtle washes and natural movement.

The smeared, slow groan of feedback introduces opening track “The Beauty And The Meaning”, but this feedback is about the lightest that you could possibly imagine, accompanied by pastoral drones that ebb and flow like the slowest of tides. The duo somehow manage to evoke that sense of beautiful solitude that goes beyond the need for company. This is sound that somehow fills any void and moves in such a way that it feels as though gravity has lost its effect on the world. The layered feedback is like someone calling from a distance, but too far away for you to turn and look as you and they continue inexorably on……(continue here)


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