“Maps of reason” in Beach Sloth

A sprawling mixture of classical, post-rock, and drone collide on Tropic of Coldness’s “Maps of reason”. The ambient bliss extends out to the heavens in the most perfect fashion imaginable. Done with the greatest of care, Tropic of Coldness makes every movement feel carefully considered, each gesture further adding to the emotional heft of the album. Without needing to say a single word a narrative starts to form one that becomes psychedelic in cadence. By taking their time they create something that at times recalls the subdued brilliance of latter-day Stars of the Lid.

On the aptly named “The beauty and the meaning” Tropic of Coldness set the tone for what fellows. With guitar riffs that at times hint at a bluesy origin the way the piece evolves feels natural. Going further down the pastoral bliss the title track “Maps of reason” hover about with such splendor. Chords have a stately hue to them, recalling at times the majesty of a long-lost soundtrack. Such vast spaces enter into the mind as the song evolves with glacial calm. With “The loss of empathy” Tropic of Coldness allows the piece to take its time as it mines a sense of yearning in such a delicate fashion, almost mournful at times. “Diving for pearls” opts for a cavernous tact, as the way the sound reverberates feels majestic, ever so beautiful in its carefully considered way.

Tropic of Coldness sculpts warm, inviting atmospheres on the stately “Maps of reason”.


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