“There Is A Flaw In My Iris” in Beach Sloth

A unique rustic charm informs the entirety of øjeRum’s “There Is A Flaw In My Iris”. Blurred beauty emerges from the intersection of folk and ambience. The beauty of the album comes from its patience. Nothing ever feels rushes for the whole of it explores gorgeous melodies and careful gestures. Outright soothing the many layers interact in such tender ways ensuring that all of it simply shines. Songs play off each other making it all feel akin to a grand journey. Usage of a deliberate sonic palette further adds to its majesty.

Unspooling with such luxury “Mist” opens the album up on a high note. Vocals add to the surreal temperament with the echoes of “Il y a” for it all gently wafts up into the sky. Great restraint is shown on the immersive “Tonerum” easily the highlight of the album. Full of mystery the various effects give the whole of the album an elusive quality. Blissed-out electronics work wonders on the meditative “When”. Guitar tones ring out into such wide spaces on “Picture” where øjeRum occasionally touches upon Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy with his articulate lyricism. Wisps hover up into the air on the spacious scope of “Matka”. Sprawling and lush, “Pristine” has a toy-box melody quality to it, ensuring that the acoustic and electronic merge together.

On “There Is A Flaw In My Iris” øjeRum goes for an ornate lovely world, one that has such dreamy hues.



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