“Last Goodbye” and “The forest is sleeping…” in Igloo Magazine

KrysaliSound is aimed, as well as promoting owner Francis M. Gri‘s projects under a single brand, at being open to all audio-visual forms, for artists with philosophies outside musical convention. Two releases are covered here, the first from Kobe-based Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, who ‘uses sampled guitars to create dreamy landscapes and emotional textures moving the listener in a quiet and safe inner dwelling,’ we’re told. Faint nausea at that ‘dreamy’ notwithstanding, we know we’re safe having encountered his Wet Petals (Naviar, 2017)—equipoise over noise, yet free from twee—in ER #4. His Last Goodbye comes with an affecting byline: ‘My life was with this “Heisei” era. In order to live a new era with one break at the end of this era while I am alive, I have decided the title of this album to be “last goodbye” with a determination of parting. The 6 tracks that make up this album have my memory fragments scattered around.’ Bless. Next, a Dane proving great in terms of the swell of his øjeRum catalog, Paw Grabowski affirms his status as an artist of refinement with The Forest Is Sleeping Within The Trees, originally released by Scissor Tail, remastered and reissued by KS; piano and pump organ collude in a sort of spiritual research in ‘a deep combination of human desolation, devotion and fragility’—ideal for Basinski buffs seeking more ready-made Melancholia and all that pian-tastic disintegrating loop jazz.


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