“Untitled_VNZ” in Beach Sloth

Truly showing love for his surroundings, Federico Dal Pozzo opts for a peculiar form of sound poetry on “Untitled_VNZ”. Forgoing melody, rhythm, or traditional music composition, the whole of the work has a voyeuristic quality to it. By opting for such an intimate nature, the whole of the piece seems to simply drift off into the infinite. Over the course of the piece Federico Dal Pozzo lets the work evolve in a way that feels fully organic. Nearly pastoral in its focus, everything about it has a tactile quality. Keeping things to the essentials means that Federico Dal Pozzo lets the essential elements of the work shine through and shine brightly with a tremendous amount of spirit.

From the smallest of hushed gestures, the whole of the piece progresses quite nicely. Exploring space becomes of the utmost importance for everything stems from this need to focus ever more intensely on tiny moments. The usage of echo feels particularly fine because everything gets heavily magnified from these elements. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix lending it a stream of consciousness style. Around the latter half of the work things become more digital in nature, eventually transforming into the stuttering electronics and glitches that end it.

Meditative to its very core and offering a glimpse at the many small universes of sound just outside the usual levels of perception “Untitled_VNZ” shows off Federico Dal Pozzo’s uncanny ability to sculpt an aural environment.


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