“Stilhedens…” in Beach Sloth

A wonderful sort of experimental folk emerges on øjeRum’s thoughtful journey of “Stilhedens Strømmen I Fuglenes Blod”. Opting for a tremendous amount of space, the ambition of the album lies within the song’s deliberate pacing. Mysterious to its very core, the way various sounds filter in and out of the mix at times give it a truly fleeting feeling. By opting for such a loose approach, the entire piece gains a mantra-like quality to it, courtesy of the delicate guitar work. Indeed, it is the soothing guitar that ensures the entire thing is able to move forward. With the only rhythm, the heart of it all, the guitar allows for a great deal of emotional impact to enter into the equation.

Subtle shades of vinyl hiss introduce the track. For a while the guitar work has a quality like a record skipping, repeating the same phrase in the same way. This hypnotic aura works wonders in setting the tone for what follows. Gradually elements of drone enter into the equation for everything starts to truly shimmer and shine. By letting things slow down øjeRum can explore every single moment of the sound and do it with the utmost of effectiveness. Building up carefully but never too loudly, an entire world comes into view, one that feels so vast and unknowable yet somehow familiar.

With “Stilhedens Strømmen I Fuglenes Blod” øjeRum delves into a blissful beautiful realm, one that feels soothing and satisfying.


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