“Voyagers” in Chain D.L.K.

It’s pretty weird the first language for a set of human sentences included in the messages to the universe in one of the two golden phonographs, that are supposedly wandering in the universe through Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 like a bottle in the ocean by the inhabitants of this planet, was Sumerian. Believers of the theory of Ancient Astronauts could think it was a pretty ironic choice and maybe some of them could argue that this mission is a possible NASA hoax. Whether these space missions are real or not (this is not the space to discuss this thread), the simple idea that there’s something surfing the deep space to testify that something’s happening down here on “the third planet of the star Sun” (a quote of the sentence in Oriya language of these human greetings, attached to a set of images and music, selected by a commission led by Carl Sagan in the late 70ies) is a romantic source of inspiration for many earthlings, including the one of Carlo Monti – another Carl like Sagan…-, a young Italian guitarist, who moved into the territories of experimental and ambient music after years in the ones of prog-rock. Given that it’s just his debut, this student of Music Information Science at the University of Milan explores a theme on the nose of many musicians, but he made it in a somehow original way. He also included some samples taken from the NASA Voyager Golden Record (no need to sign a waiver, as it’s a Creative Common), but the most interesting aspect is the emotional framework that he evoked over this stream of clues and traces of human civilization. The graceful elongations of piano chords in the initial “Faded”, the seemingly chaotic radio signals of “Perpetual Angels”, the hyper-effected synth brasses and the vitreous consonances of “Oceanless”, the meditative halo of “A Prayer” and the distant fluctuation in the infinite evoked by the boundless digressions by the final “On The Share” match the atavistic feeling in between astonishment and anxiety of those inhabitants of this planet, who didn’t forget to be part of something bigger than the deceptive fences of private property yet. Available in digital format as free download according to NASA samples copyright.

Link here

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