“Voyagers” in Beachsloth

MCVX offers an expansive palette on the classically-inclined ambience of “Voyagers”. Aptly named, “Voyagers” explores vast terrains. With a multi-faceted approach, the classical inclination keeps the pieces grounded while the ambient snippets give the entire album a mysterious aura. Quite magnificent, at times MCVX’s work recalls that of the Moritz von Oswald Trio’s output in letting the sound simply sprawl out. Layer upon layer of sound work in unison giving the entire album an all-consuming psychedelic sheen to it. Moments of MCVX’s “Voyagers” recall early ambient composers, for akin to those early works, these tracks share a similar desire to chart out an entire new realm.

“Faded” begins things with such style. Piano leads the way for a little bit as the environmental sounds gradually begin to overtake the piece. Uneasy chords come into play on the cryptic “Perpetual angelus”. This tension becomes even more prevalent on “Oceanless” where MCVX allow elements of post-rave and industrial into the mix, giving the entire piece a churning sense of unease. Returning back to kinder pastures “A prayer” positively glows as the drone becomes ever larger, emitting a warmth to it. Easily the highlight comes at the very end with the mystical journey of “On the shore”. Impossible to categorize, the song neither delves into darkness nor surrenders to the light, choosing a careful balance between the two impulses.

Rather soothing and possessing a gentle grace, MCVX opts for shimmering soundscapes on the lovely “Voyagers”.


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