“Field recording meets sound” in Beachsloth

DR truly shows love for the surroundings on the gentle spirit of “Field recording meets sound”. With such a delicate touch, the way that DR allows the composed sound to nicely accentuate the real world feels outright masterful. Classical and ambient swirl together in a majestic haze while the entire album positively teems with life. Not a thing is rushed as DR lets the songs soar above into the sky. By opting for such an approach, the tracks have a soothing quality to them.

Much of “I” introduces the field recording, letting the composed element come into focus slowly. Far more prominently featured, the ambient bliss of “II” starts to gradually merge with the busy sounds of the environment. Now with the field recording in the far background “III” goes for a contemplative mood. Tactile guitar strings and piano intersect beautiful with a pastoral scene on the lovely “IV”. With “V” the song focuses on the field recording, as a decipherable language comes into view. Easily the highlight of the album, DR effortlessly blends the environmental white noise with elongated gestures on “VII”. Gorgeous drone drifts lazily by on the meditative “VIII”. Coming ever more into focus “X” taps into an angelic otherworldly choir. Spacious in scope “XIV” goes for a colorful take, with a melody that absolutely shimmers. Closing the album on a high note is the rainy-day spirit of “XV”.

With “Field recording meets sound” DR explores the communal quality that so often gets overlooked in the constant rush that life can be.


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