“Fall and flares” in Beach Sloth

Francis M. Gri creates a glimmering soundscape on the pastoral ambiences of “Fall and flares”. Emphasizing tender tones, the intermingling of classical and electronics results in a surreal journey. Without saying a single word Francis M. Gri explores a wide variety of terrain, doing so with the utmost of care. Over the course of the album Francis M. Gri forges a classically inclined ambient path, one that twists and turns with lovely bursts of color. By giving each piece room to roam, Francis M. Gri allows the entirety of the album to feel akin to symphony, every track thus serving as a suite.

A quiet beach-like spirit emanates from the gentle opener “Failed Sunset”. Sounds drift on lazily by as the evolution becomes quite soothing. Easily the highlight of the album comes with the haze of “Counting Leaves”. Piano leads the way, serving as an anchor to the overall path. Nearly regal with its percussive elements “Horizon is waiting” embraces the field recording and riffs off it, quite spectacularly. Tragedy strikes on the dramatic inclinations of “Grey over my shoulders”. Nicely embodying an autumnal fervor, the decay of the aural atmosphere adds to its overall sense of sadness. Perfectly ending the album, the glory of “We are fading dreams” utilizes patience to great effect, letting the song buildup into a majestic glimmering drone.

Meditative in temperament and positively timeless, Francis M. Gri’s “Fall and flares” casts a sun-drenched surreal spell.


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