“Penombra” in Beach Sloth

Robero Galati & Federico Mosconi craft unusual and emotionally compelling atmospheres on the narrative of “Penombra”. Throughout the album, the duo touches upon noise, drone, industrial, and even hints of shoegaze. By opting for such an approach the songs possess such heft to them while they lament ever-changing aural landscapes. Instrumentally rich the songs contain multitudes with so many elements of distortion allowed throughout never ceasing to dazzle. Even within these rather cacophonous pieces the duo brings melody and light into the mix, helping to further emphasize their tragic beauty. Flourishes further add to the weight of these suites, emphasizing their chaotic nature.

Elongated strings introduce the powerful “Pietre” whose wall of sound approach works wonders. Going a little gentler “Eclissi” serves as an album highlight, allowing for a great deal of exploration, giving the space true room to roam. Nearly glowing “Nadir” feels comforting, a comfort that is unsettled somewhat by “Opale” with its deeper rumbles and layers of sound moving ever downward into the abyss. Hard to pin down, “Monolite” lingers with a kind of malice even as gentler melodies playfully hover overhead. Uncertain glitch effects work alongside the piano on the strange gorgeousness of “Basalto”. Metallic sheens hover about on the whispered hush of “Ruggine”. Massive “Amen” closes the album off with tremendous power, with a virtual wave of sound crashing overhead.

Tension and moments of loveliness intermingle on the satisfyingly expansive scope of Robero Galati & Federico Mosconi’s “Penombra”.


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