“Apart” in Beach Sloth

Francis M. Gri sculpts disorienting yet beautiful worlds of drone on the dazzling “Apart”. With one foot in the real world and the other firmly planted in the surreal, the way the two elements interact results in an aural universe that rushes by with such grace. Melodies rest deep in the soulful textures, as the usage of guitar punctuates the pieces giving them a summery lightness. Beside the drone there are classical framing devices which help to further emphasize the joyful spirit that seems to imbue itself deep inside every piece.

Tactile guitar work opens the album up with “In This Room”. From such small moments, the song gradually builds up into a blissful world, one which seemingly is without end. With each reiteration of the sound everything grows larger, as if Francis M. Gri is constantly uncovering new lands to explore. By far the highlight of the album the loveliness of the track is obvious, in how Francis M. Gri lets space and the sprawling size of the song add to its mysterious otherworldly aura. At first quite tense but gradually coming into something serene is the glowing work of “Hidden Reflections”. Over the course of this piece the way Francis M. Gri draws from so many instruments gives it a colorful spirit. Ending things on a heavenly note is the infinitely soothing waves of “Last”.

With “Apart” Francis M. Gri crafts something so tender, so full of life and hope.


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