“Flow” in Headphone Commute

Here is an interesting surprise from a Swiss-born, Italian-based Francis M. Gri, self-released on his very own, KrysaliSound imprint, reserved for output by his various pseudonyms, collaborations, and hand-picked projects. This is the first exposure for me to Gri’s sound, and I can already tell that it’s a pretty mature endeavor, following the numerous albums as Apart, first seeing light in 2008 with Across The Empty Night, and then kicking off KrysaliSound catalog with Digital Frame in 2010. Flow could not have been a better title for this ambient exploration of seven pieces, released as the fourth and final album in Gri’s storybook project, consisting of Ghost Dreamers Town (2012), Dreamers Stories (2014) and Empty Town (2015). The compositions, thematically titled as “Swell”, “Flutter”, “Low”, “Still Rain” and similar minimal studies, employ sounds of the piano, guitar, and field recordings of a daily life. This is an intimate meditation on the very basic elements of composition, “focused on sound details and textures, leaving on the border structures and melody.” Having full control of the label, it’s important to point out the consistent aesthetic of KrysaliSound output, including its handmade packaging of limited edition CDRs, offering the published artists honesty, artistic control, and full ownership of their music. A beautiful collection of electroacoustic ambiance and modern classical narrative.


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