“Colonne di fumo” in Merchants Of Air

Today is a beautiful day. It’s so beautiful that I’m not even angry at Jehovah’s Witnesses for waking me up so early in the morning. Normally, if those people ring my doorbell at that hour, I just start throwing black metal cds at their faces but not today. Today, all is calm. The sun is shining. The coffee is good. Plus, I am listening to an equally beautiful album, courtesy of Italian producer Federico Mosconi and sent to me by KrysaliSound, who by now are synonymous with “quality”.Yet, writing reviews about ambient albums is never an easy task. I can start writing to musical landscapes, ever changing figures in smoke, nighttime walks through endless forests and amorphic audio structures. All those comparisons would be correct and I can easily compare this music to acts like Biosphere, Tim Hecker or Fennesz. But still, this album is way too good to throw some review-clichés at it.

There are eight tracks on this album, with the first two already being brilliant highlights. Federico Mosconi creates music where ambient and noise perfectly seem to coexist. There is a certain darkness in the music, represented by deep drones and haunting soundscapes. ‘La Fabbrica del Vapore’ becomes a bit more noisy, harsher and even somewhat obtrusive while follower ‘L’Immagine riflessa’ is friendlier, gentle even, at least for a while

That way, the album calmly floats on, filling the entire room with these soundscapes. The tracks are somewhat alike, which is quite normal in this genre, but also come up with the right amount of variation. Federico Mosconi explores vintage ambient music, blends it with today’s droning sounds and eerie loops, turning the whole thing into one narrative adventure. One you surely don’t want to miss if you are an ambient fan.

So obviously, this one comes highly recommended to all you ambient and drone fans out there. Like many times before, KrysaliSound comes up with a high quality and quite versatile album. I’m not going to describe all the tracks but I can assure you that you will like each and every one of them, from the most minimal one to the massive bombast in some of the ones I mentioned earlier. 



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