KS18 – FEDERICO MOSCONI “Colonne di fumo”

KrysaliSound is proud to introduce the first album on the label for the italian artist FEDERICO MOSCONI. After the debut “Acquatinta” released by the Irish label Psychonavigation, “Colonne di fumo” is his second work in which the artist present a sound much more intimate and introspective. Available from March 28.Below a beautiful review from Beach Sloth and an excerpt of the album

FM Colonne di fumo
Album title: FEDERICO MOSCONI “Colonne di fumo
Genre: Ambient-drone / Electroacoustic
Release date: 28th March 2017
Format: physical / digital

Beach Sloth:

“Glistening glacial tones define the ornate arrangements of Federico Mosconi’s elaborate “Colonne di fumo”. Throughout the album, Federico Mosconi delves into a wide swath of atmospheres from glistening drones to gentle classically-informed sweeps of sound. Pacing is the absolute trick for the way the songs unfold reveals a true talent for form. For much of the album the songs work akin to suites with each piece representing merely a piece of a far-greater whole. By working with such a colorful palette of textures the sound becomes all-immersive. Quite naturalistic, the songs possess a tactile quality to them at times referencing pastoral imagery.

Things begin on a cinematic note with the spacious sounds of “Notturno”. At times almost referencing a more industrial approach, the song unfurls with great care. Much larger in scope is the subdued glide of “Il Tempo regalato”. Over the course of this piece the bass rumbles alongside the rather genteel evolution of sound gives it a sunny disposition. Far more intimate is the rock-imbued bliss of “La Fabbrica del Vapore”. Guitars are clearly defined throughout the mix for many layers of sound interact to form new worlds. Downright soothing is the transcendent textures of “L’Immagine riflessa” easily the highlight of the album. Amazingly the piece’s emotional impact feels reminiscent of Stars of the Lid’s best work. Seemingly transmitted from another time is the exploratory “Basso Continuo con Respiro”. Ending the album off on a high note is the reflective hues of “Detriti”.

Federico Mosconi delivers an astounding work with the infinite grace of “Colonne di fumo”.


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