“Untitled_TeVeT” and “He remembers there were gardens” in Merchants of air

Untitled_TeVeT – Link

Experiments with sound have been my favorite activities since I discovered that tapping on my baby chair created music. During my searches through the bizarre world of sound art, I’ve been listening to printers, hard drives my mom’s old washing machine, birds, train engines, metallic sounding conversations and whatnot. However, even I never thought that one day I will be listening to an ice cube for an hour. A 380 kg weighing ice cube that is.

Yes, this album by Italian experimentalist and musique concrete  composer Federico Dal Pozzo is an acousmatic composition, generated from the freezing sounds of a 380kg ice cube. So if you expected drums, synths, guitars and other traditional instruments, you might want to rethink your vision about music. Apart from being strange and unusual, this hour long composition is adventurous, almost alive.

Musically, this album fits in perfectly with your weirdest ambient and musique concrete albums, but it also fits in with regular ambient and all things soundscapes related. It constantly evolves, becomes loud, intense, overwhelming but also cold, isolated and alienating. It not only show the freezing ice cube but also beautifully blends in with the sounds of your surroundings, making this kind of music a part of everyday life. So yes, this one comes highly recommended.

He remembers there were gardens – Link

øjeRum is the experimental music project from Danish visual artist Paw Grabowski. This album is an alternative soundtrack to Chris Marker’s travel film ‘La Jetée’. Personally, I don’t know that film and I’m not sure that you do, so we will just focus on the music. That is not an easy job by the way, because there is not that much happening on this album. It contains one track, which moves, throbs and breathes for almost thirty minutes before leaving you behind on an apocalyptic wasteland.

That ain’t bad either, on the very contrary. Minimal music has always been a favorite here and the gentle organ sounds of øjeRum surely deserve a place in my elaborate ambient collection. What Aidan Baker can do with guitars, Paw Grabowski can do with an organ, that is basically what I am trying to say here. Obviously this comes highly recommended for all fans of ambient music. It was originally released in 2015 and now mastered by Francis M. Gri, another interesting name in this scene. So yes, you have to buy this record, now.

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