“He remembers there were gardens” in Beach Sloth

Angelic tones grace øjeRum’s elegant “He remembers there were gardens”. Throughout the singular serene piece the way the sound is sculpted gives it a symphonic feeling. Indeed, it is by imposing this classical structure onto glistening electronics that the work becomes quite emotionally resonant. Evolution feels naturalistic with an adherence upon a carefully built up, gradually shifting series of lovely drones. By choosing such a path the piece emerges as becoming deeply beautiful as it explores the smallest facets of sound. Without saying a single word narrative forms, that feels at times yearning, wistful, and nostalgic. Melodies are aching in terms of their careful balance.

Hushed sweeps of sound introduce the piece. For a while øjeRum chooses to simply explore the spacious of the sound. Slowly but surely øjeRum incorporates an ever-growing series of layers that help to fully flesh out the sound, at times even referencing drone music. Upon reaching something of a fevered pitch about five minutes in the piece suddenly returns to its initial quieter pastures. Around the eleven-minute mark øjeRum even touches upon the ambient bliss of early Warp Record releases, only with the ambience extended off into the infinite. Gradually øjeRum strips the sound down to the absolute essentials as the sound appears to nearly evaporate into the distance about halfway through the piece. For a moment a woozy, yearning melody emerges out of the near-silence to fill the void. Easily the best part of the piece it represents a struggle of sorts. Towards the finale all has been resolved with the song slowly melting away.

“He remembers there were gardens” shows off the impeccable pacing and arrangement work of øjeRum.

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