“Flow” and “Introspections” in Fluid Radio

The main reason a system fails is often in its inability to stabilise process against workload…case becomes full stop.

This is an idea Francis M. Gri, the guitarist and pianist who shares musical likeness to the appreciated Tropic Of Coldness duo and Drawing Virtual Gardens, draws a new business plan, in stable waters, for this, the album ‘Flow’. As on first track ‘Swell’, there is a fine sticking to dorian and phygrian modalities in guitar chords, progressions and snaps and crackles like mange tout. Francis meanwhile is Italian born, and translates his world-weariness to a kind of fully transluscent soundscape that sparkles with omnipotent rigour and non-malevolence in expertise.

The rather intercontinental sound plays a straight hand of d major cards, with sufferage into triads and augmented fifths, on second piece, ‘Morning’, a special lullaby for the ground above our feet, an ascension device into the vanilla opaque. This frothy oven of sweetly baked yet not sickly guitar pie progresses in style throughout the record, ordering a sense of oneness with the environment, a certain ease of purpose with what may not be au fait, and a primordial instinctiveness on the ideas of instrumentation, through physical instruments, being something that creates wonder in the image of failure.

These themes are continued in another release for this particular capsule, the choral and Bhuddist-Chakra drones of LYEF. Consisting of female vocals, sung and hummed, whistled on the air and breathily strumming like ‘Air’, ‘Introspections’ LP, a snapshot into the Lovesliescrushing and MBV period of 1990s proto Britpop, of the shoegaze scene, but not of the world at large, invites us to solemnly take a bite of a water melon in the cool winter chill. A type of feasting on the essences of the season, by appreciating a different seasoning altogether. The field recordings of ‘Iron Trees’ are not coated with rough-hewn autumnal rust and wear, although there is decay in these recordings everywhere.


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